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Nd-YAG laser welding

A solid-state lase uses a transparent solid substance as the active medium. The most common solid-state laser in industrial application is the Neodymium-Doped:Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet laser, commonly referred to as the Nd: YAG laser.
The Nd: YAG is used as the host crystal because it has relatively high thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, good optical quality, and it can be grown in large sizes. Because the 1.06 um light from the Nd: YAG is transmitted easily through flexible quartz fibers, system design can be considerably simpler than with CO2 Lasers. In addition, the Nd: YAG wavelength is absorbed more readily by metals than CO2 laser radiation, further improving process efficiency.

Advantages of ND-YAG laser welding:

  • Possibility for optical fibre, that are flexible laser source
  • Suited for welding with robots.
  • The laser beam welding process produces narrow fusion and heat-affected zones, minimal shrinkage and distortion
  • Welds are usually made directly in atmosphere using a shielding gas
  • Weld repeatability from part to part
  • By using magnifying optics for alignments, accurate placement is possible
  • Sections as thin as .025 mm (.001") can be successfully welded
    Welding in 10 mm steel Welding really thin material
  • The laser beam is unaffected by magnetism
  • No x-rays are generated by this process
  • The laser beam can be time-shared among a number of workstations
  • Welding is possible in different materials that normally present many problems, like aluminium and titanium.
  • Is possible to weld in 3d with robots

Typical laser Weld characteristics:

  • The weld seem is very narrow, the process control accurate, the heat input minimal
  • The weld is deep and narrow
  • The welding speed is high.

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Trumpf Nd:Yag solid state lasers for welding and cutting using a six axis industrial robot

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